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Web Design & Development

A compelling online presence that is user-friendly and future-ready.

Do you know that your website can be engineered for a better response from those who visit it? Are you equipped with the right approach for your digital presence? Website design today, is not just about your design aesthetics but also about what makes your website interesting, unique and compelling.

At Harvest, we are backed by an experience of 10 years, in designing and delivering websites that stand apart. Whether it’s helping small organisations establish a web presence or large corporates maintain intranets, high-traffic public-facing websites or large corporate portals, you can be certain of proven web solutions of all sizes from Harvest. In short, we are the one-stop digital agency for all your e-presence needs.

Leveraging best of breed heterogeneous technologies, we design and develop solutions that meet your requirements, giving you a digital presence that works for you and websites that scale up as per your needs.

Our services are offered over the following engagement models:

Turnkey website projects:

We offer you consultation across the entire project cycle, covering business analysis, project architecture, user experience, software design, quality assurance and post implementation support. This covers all aspects of your development and assures you of successful project planning, execution and completion to bring in agility and scalability in your operations. Additionally, we forge short- and long-term maintenance contracts for project maintenance, bug fixes and error corrections.

Time and Material (T&M) based projects:

Accepting T&M assignments from various clients, we give you the flexibility of determining rates for the work, on the basis of your requirements, the category of engineers needed on the project and the time availability. You may choose to extend the T&M contract in time or value once it is underway.

While engaging with you on a T&M contract, we are happy to work out a mutually-acceptable labour rate, number of labour hours estimated and the maximum this can go to, cost of materials, and the Not-To-Exceed (NTE) values of all parameters. Not only does this assure of you of completely transparent operational support but it also ensures that your work is completed as per plan.

Fixed time and cost projects:

If you are certain on the time requirements of your project, you may choose to opt for a fixed time engagement, whereby you solicit a certain amount of effort, to be achieved in a certain amount of time. We help you fix terms of this engagement by gathering the requirements at the beginning of project, and then conceptualising the interface and back-end requirements in partnership with you.

Drupal specialisation:

At Harvest, we are among the early adopters of Drupal. We started with Drupal 4.7 release and have since has been actively developing and providing commercial support on the Drupal framework.(Read more on the Drupal framework here).

Backed by years of experience in planning, analysing and delivering web infrastructure in Drupal, we deliver comprehensive infrastructure and systems architecture support. Our experts have contributed modules, maintain and support other modules, and are actively supporting forums.

Some of the industries we specialise in include:

  • Government and education.
  • Large ecommerce portals.
  • Healthcare.
  • Campaign portals and digital media.

Heterogeneous technologies, seamless integration, high value:

The fast pace of software development across the globe has given birth to a myriad software for the web and the enterprise, in general. Many of these are open source software, that in turn, reveals as many options for further use and development in your organisation.

At Harvest, we are skilled in identifying heterogeneous software and technology that is driven by your project requirements, without buying into technology for the sake of it. We begin with a thorough investigation into the best available technologies, identify the right solution based on your requirements, and perform seamless integration to deliver maximum value with your exiting IT.

Not only does this save you from precious investments in technology, but also ensures that your total cost of ownership is minimised, while your returns on the existing and future IT investments are maximised.

To learn more about our activities in this domain or leverage our expertise, please write to us at harvestech@harvest-soft.com.