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Professional Services

A complete range of skill sets to meet the workforce enhancement needs of a growing enterprise.

Cutting-edge technology solutions solicit the right people to maximise the performance from your IT. At Harvest, we help you with able, professional manpower that has been vetted and trained at our facilities through our specialised programme, called TQP (Total Quality People). Our consultants help deliver on both, your business and technical requirements through your software development and product life cycles.

Talent that has been hired through judicious screening and recruitment processes – including rigorous screening, interviewing and skills testing, backs our promise of competent manpower. A subject matter expert screens each consultant and only candidates demonstrating outstanding technical skills and professional competence are selected as Harvest consultants. But not before we have completed background and reference checks and assured ourselves of the interpersonal abilities, business acumen and cultural fit of the incumbents.

These consultants are then add value and knowledge to the software, QA and testing initiatives of our clients. Harvest thus brings you the best talent, eliminates the risks involved in selecting the right resources, and saves you time and money.

We manage our business with pride, integrity and ethics believe that you would want nothing short of the same for yours. Each Harvest consultant lives this philosophy.

  • Qualification check.
  • Check and cross-check references.
  • Through technical evaluation.
  • Pre-employment drug test.
  • Criminal background investigation.
  • Find consultants that are goal driven.
  • Bond with every consultant.
  • Provide best value at competitive price.