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EyeTouch Overview

  • EyeTouch - A Touch based Windows Store EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and PMS (Practise Management System) Application for ophthalmologists that allows you to view medical Record details at a touch
  • You can manage medical record faster as EyeTouch provides an intuitive, quick and easy template oriented navigation
  • Provides templates more than 250 with eye image editing feature
  • EyeTouch Integrates with ICD-9 , CPT codes and is scalable to ICD-10
  • Supports, Integrates and Interfaces with sub specialities like Cornea, Adnexa, Eye lids etc.
  • As an ophthalmologists, you can understand and use comprehensive yet modular EyeTouch solution in less time that increases productivity and allows you to spend more quality time for patient care