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Salesforce solutions

Salesforce Services


We offer complete Salesforce.com solutions and consulting services to clients on Design, Development / Enhancements and Support that meet clients requirements in terms of quality, cost and timeliness.


We customize the Salesforce Force.com platform to meet Client specific requirements. We pick the most suitable Salesforce.com built-in functionality and customize it as needed which helps in reducing any unnecessary functions and cost.

We make sure that client’s data and applications are transferred to the Salesforce.com platform efficiently, on time and with high security. We also help clients to implement new functionalities in Salesforce platform within stipulated time frame.

We offers a comprehensive set of services to help enterprises integrate cloud and on-premise applications using both cloud APIs and middleware.

Training & Support
We also train employees on Force.com platform. We teach them about Salesforce platform. They learn how to implement Salesforce solutions using configuration and customization. We provide support services to the applications.