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Technology Consulting

A single provider for all your variable technology needs, at a competitive price.

At Harvest, we work as the ideal technology partner for your enterprise, supporting your business across all technology decisions, be it across tough timelines, stringent budgets, optimistic growth or meticulous project management. This includes:

Technology deployment: We believe that software application and technology must work in tandem with strategy to drive your business further. Therefore, we work to help our customers conceptualise your IT needs correctly and make the right technology decisions that bring in cost-efficiency, scalability, profitability and growth.

Technology evaluation: Deploying the right technology is often a strategic decision. The right partner can help you decide on innovative solutions within a specific context and requirement. At Harvest, such expertise is what we provide, especially when it becomes imperative for you to take build vs. buy decisions.

Vendor evaluation and interface: As technology partners, we also provide you assessment expertise to help evaluate the value that all your other technology engagements bring to your enterprise. Serving as vigilant custodians of your technology investments, we help you optimise your resources – be it time, energy or money – across different vendors.

Resource augmentation: Cutting-edge technology solutions solicit the right people to maximise the performance from your IT. At Harvest, we help you with able, professional manpower that has been vetted and trained at our facilities through our specialised programme, called TQP (Total Quality People).