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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and Testing solutions for faster time-to-market.

QA is a crucial stage in your software development process. While you cannot skip this all-important stage, you need to optimise the time spent on QA activities, as an extensive QA cycle can impact your go-to-market. At the same time, you need to analyse the right extent of testing that meets with your Quality needs.

At Harvest, we understand these challenges and provide you with independent QA and software testing solutions to help you accelerate the time to market of your software applications. While you build your applications, our Harvest team gives you customised solutions ensure that constantly monitor and test the quality of your software.

These services are available to you in various flexible engagements, which include the availability of onshore quality assurance professionals, coupled with low-cost offshore testing services. This model gives you the benefits of having an experienced team at your disposal, and at the same time, enables you to harness cost savings. Further, having a ready QA team not only enables you to stay on top of your testing needs, but also brings in the desired scalability to seek in your projects.

Our engagement begins early, with our team working with you to identify the right resources and setup the necessary infrastructure early on, so as to reduce risks. Seeking trust partnerships and seamless integration throughout, we place high importance on error reporting. Each error found is documented in detail with steps towards reproduction, area of impact and in some cases, informed suggestions on what might be causing a particular error from a technical stand point. All these help your developers quickly identify the part of code/ application responsible for the error and fix it immediately.

Our highly-motivated team brings in extensive experience in various methodologies such as conventional SDLC, waterfall or agile project management practices.

Our specific testing services include:

  • Requirement analysis validation.
  • Design and risk analysis.
  • Writing build quality guidelines and simulation.
  • Manual and automated unit tests.
  • Performance analysis (load testing, stress testing and reliability testing).
  • Providing automated testing platforms.
  • Regression and continuous integration environments.