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24 x 7 Support Services

Proactive engagement with customers to drive higher sales and customer retention for you.

The one thing that we always tell our customers is that your website is as good as the product/ service/ information your user is able to take away from your site. In simple words, is your website designed for ease-of-use and the stickiness you desire from it?

Ensuring that your website makes its mark amongst the million others vying for attention from your target audience, we provide you with proactive support options for your customers.

Our 24x7 chat support and customer support improves the usability of your site by proactively engaging your customers. We do this by:

  • Providing a live chat facility that is monitored and supported by us.
  • Tracking your buyer behaviour and analysing the reasons for visitor drop-outs.
  • Providing a feedback mechanism for customers to talk back to you through ticket-generation and query handling, serviced by highly-experienced service executives, well-versed in communicating with end-users.

These services ensure that your website enjoys the benefits of:

  • A higher visitor conversion ratio.
  • A lower visitor drop-out rate.
  • Improved customer retention.
  • Faster response time to customer queries.

Technical support
IT support, application support, legacy systems, monitor their IT 24x7, software and network administrators.